Laser cutting services

Laser cutting

One of our newest additions is the Trumpf TruLaser 3530- 4kW power. This machine sets new standards in processing speeds and quality.

This machine uses an additional X-direction axis (Xp) which carries only the cutting head. Due to the reduced weight, much higher acceleration values can be achieved during positioning. This results in far higher processing speeds, especially on thin gauge sheets.

Our TruLaser 3530 is also equipped with a Loadmaster unit, which loads the machine’s pallet changer with sheet blanks. This is done by moving sheets from a loading station using suction cups on a machine frame. Not only does this aid the operator in making sure that the machine runs optimally, but it also minimizes the risk of damaging sensitive material.

Improvements to the laser control have also birthed new functionality in the TruLaser machine. PierceLine further lowers the pierce cycle time, thereby conserving material and reducing machine wear. Flycut is an impressive and effective technology for producing perforations on a laser at punch-like speeds. This is done by switching the laser beam on and off while the cutting head moves rapidly over the sheet.