Our Mission

Our Mission

Is simple and clear. Providing high quality products based on hard and fair work focused on outstanding results. Despite our mission has not changed for over a decade it remains actual all the time.

Our vision

To be preferred partner in the machining and CNC sector for customers in the global market.

Our values

Our values are the basis for our company's culture and brand. They define how we act, cooperate and how we are perceived by others and ourselves.

  • Trust

    Through extensive commitment and knowledge at all levels, we show that we really care about our customers, colleagues and products.

  • Solidity

    We deliver what we promise. Quality is the key to everything we do. We focus on things that are under our control.

  • Development

    We are inspired by the culture of innovation, flexibility and growth. We believe that only then can we constantly renew our company.

  • Joy

    We like the efficiency and open and honest communication. It is necessary to maintain good relationships and success.

About Us
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Customer satisfaction

Our company places great emphasis on relationships with our clients and partners. Satisfaction from cooperation is the basic principle in creating an effective and successful business and we adhere to this principle.


Thanks to continuous development, we are constantly creating new workplaces. We take care of employees by providing them with a wide range of training and career opportunities. We also work with the local Job Center and we use extensive programs from the European Union.

Quality of products

Vikset was founded based on the vision of providing better quality products than market competition. The last 10 years have proved that is it possible and continuously implemented.

Technological development

We are constantly working on technological development. By investing in Machinery Park, specialized software and knowledge, we are able to meet the highest standards in the field of production.