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Mechanical processing


To fully satisfy our customers, Vikset has a wide range of precise and durable machine tools for all types of machining, such as bending, cutting, chamfering, threading, drilling and welding.


Thanks to this modern and diversified machine park and a good partner network, we are Vikset, unlike most medium and small enterprises on the market, offers its customers a very wide range of services, guaranteeing the execution of even very complex projects in one place. This affects the most important factors, including execution time, cost optimization and risk minimization.


We provide machining on small and medium-sized structures. Our experienced team, combined with modern machines and the latest technology, at the same time ensure quality and speed of execution of both simple and very complex projects while maintaining an optimal price.


In year 2021 we have added to our offer sheet straightening, shot blasting / sandblasting and tumbling.